Motivational Monday: House Bound

I was feeling particularly unmotivated this Monday but as the day wore on I started to look forward to the order that Monday night brings after the general business of a w end. I’m not set on a strict Monday night routine of chores – I think it helps to schedule something exciting to look forward to every few Mondays – but sometimes its also good to just stay home and get your affairs in order. My 3 standard Monday night activities include: gym, laundry and cooking. And let’s face it, sometimes its hard to fit even as few as three chores into a night. Tonight I managed to complete only phase 2 of the butternut squash soup making process (scooping out the flesh from the skin roasted the day before in phase 1). Liquidizing remains for another day. Nonetheless, I made incremental progress towards living a tidy, well nourished life. I love cooking but it often gets sacrificed for activities that lure me out of the home. If I can do things like grocery shop and/or cook on a Monday, my entire week is set up on a healthy note. The same goes for the gym – if I manage to exercise on a Monday I’m much more likely to keep up the trend for the remainder of the week. If I don’t go on the other hand, I’m even less likely to want to go on Tuesday.

As for laundry, it’s by far the most boring task of any day of the week so you may as well just get it over with. Or, if you are as un-into laundry and house work in general as I am, here’s and idea on how to make it a bit more palatable…whether you have to hire in a houseboy or can find a willing candidate at home…

Happy homely Monday!



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