I’ve been talking about writing a blog forever but aside from some guest appearances on other blogs I’ve not been fully committed. The suspicion that publicly exposing the mundane details of your life  is a deeply narcissistic pastime has held me back. But now I say, so what! I’ve just moved to New York and I want to indulge in some psycho self-analysis same as everyone else.  I’m 28 30 and have lived in Joburg, Paris and London and paid my own rent (mostly).  I hold down a day job, pay tax and donate money for charity. Yet it seems strangely unbelievable that I can be the sole guardian of my own life.  My moments of wisdom and responsibility are regularly interspersed with emotional meltdowns, bursts of recklessness and general frivolity. But maybe embracing all these elements is what growing up is all about…



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